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Puedo darme por vencido, es algo que para algunos es una salida a sus problemas, estoy cansado, por que aun no encuentro una respuesta, aun no veo un estímulo, algún interés….
Pero el corazón me ha dicho que aun hace falta más, que no deje las cosas a medias, que siga, las cosas buenas y duraderas, no son trabajo fácil, sigue y entenderás, que hay historias que algún día las tendrás que contar….

—Aun no (INEFFable)

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You loved and trusted Him in your strength, now learn to do so in your weakness. Because we cannot conquer this life on our own, He has made Himself known, and He is calling you again. Will you not answer? Will you not return to your first love? What has lured you away from Christ? Is it still with you, or has it left you in the dark. Christ is searching for His lost sheep, He cares for every one of you, and He will not rest until you are safe again. So cry out into the dark, so that He may know where to find you again, and return you home. Salvation can be found in the outstretching of a hand, looking for the grip of a King; and He is eager to hold that hand once more, He is eager to find His most beloved. So return again, and again, until you are home; until the heart is full, and the tears have been wiped away; Return again, to the only Love that knows you by name.

—T.B. LaBerge // Return again, and again, until you are home. (via tblaberge)

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When I begin to feel unloved, I must remember to look at Christ; for He is love, and I cannot deny what He is in me.

—T.B. LaBerge // Go Now (via tblaberge)

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